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The electric guitars are played through a Vox AD15VT set to AC30TB with min bass, min mid and max treble and the amp is close mic recorded with a Tascam DR01 hand-held digital recorder. Acoustic guitars are recorded with the Tascam DR01 hand-held digital recorder about 12 inches away from the neck and midway between the 12th fret and the sound hole. Effects are added during mixing. My performance, with compression, is mixed with the backing tracks and the whole mix is limited. This is the way the Beatles recorded these early tunes. It is difficult to duplicate the sound with just the guitar and amp. No tabs.

My videos are really intended for accomplished guitarists who want to polish up their Beatles repertoire and can benefit from "seeing" how a song is played – I am not a guitar teacher and do not provide tabs. I welcome specific questions. If the various chords that I am playing are not familiar to you then I would suggest that you visit some of the many free guitar chord sites. I had to learn these songs by listening to vinyl records and watching live performances on tv.

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