The Beatles and The Rooftop Gig: Part 2 – A new phase BEATLES performance…

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In this two-part series, we’re exploring why and how The Beatles ended up on the roof, as opposed to anywhere else in the world. Part 1 is here:

In Part 2, we go deep into the conversations and ideas the band and production crew had about how the "project" – film or otherwise – should end. This video picks up on January 2 at Twickenham Studios and continues through the show day.

The band explored some wild ideas for the gig: returning to the Cavern Club, a concert for dogs, playing at the amphitheatre at Libya’s Sabratha ruins. But ultimately the roof won out, and you’ll learn why here.



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(in order of appearance)
Some photos by Ethan A. Russell, Apple Corps Ltd.
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Exposa Travel video –
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Jefferson Airplane rooftop clip from “Fly Jefferson Airplane” (2004 DVD),
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Thumbs-up animation from YouTube channel adMJ707,


Dan Rivkin,
Russell M. Campbell, Patreon supporter



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